Sesame Dubai: Healthy food in a positively lovely setting

The Huntr’s love affair with discovering new healthy gems is no great secret. And here we are again with Sesame Dubai – an in-mall joint pouring with sunlight that serves a superb take on avocado toast (amongst other delights). Read on to learn more about a unique eatery that transports you to a peaceful botanical abode… one with handwritten recipes, a library of books, and delightful staff.

Sesame is well-lit with tones of blue, yellow, brown, and green from the plants that decorate the space. There is a lot of room for seating, and the quiet environment is bursting with sunlight, making it an ideal spot to get some work done. There are various seating options: the canopy seats consist of enclosed benches with carefully arranged plants hanging from the ceiling. The Huntr chose to take a seat at a sun-lit booth with a quirky banana-leaf background. On the tables, there are boxes where more distractible restaurant-goers are invited to deposit their phones during their visit. And as part of Sesame’s celebration of ‘world cuisine’, there are shelves with incense and spices and other wanderlust-inducing paraphernalia.

Sesame is focused on healthy living but it is not a vegan restaurant (although there are vegan options on the menu). Rather, Sesame is committed to sourcing high-quality ingredients (seasonal, organic and local where possible) for “plant-forward food” –  including some animal products. The kitchen also does things to help aid digestion and maximise nutrient absorption, such as soaking nuts and grains.

The Huntr visited for a lazy weekend lunch, to start, we ordered the avocado toast with goat cheese and honey (58AED). This was our first — and favourite — dish. The avocado’s creamy consistency blended well with the salty tang of the goat’s cheese, while honey added the perfect dash of sweetness. The sourdough was soft and melted in our mouths… absolutely delicious (in fact: writing this just made us check if Sesame delivers to our area right now – it’s that good).  For mains, we went with the Origami Fish (95AED), a sea bass and mushroom dish that is served in a mineral broth. The dish was presented as if it was a piece of Origami, as we had to pull at the edges to expose the fish concealed within. This ode to the dishes’ Japanese roots was a great, thoughtful touch. Lastly, we ordered the five-spice lamb (95AED), which comes with mixed vegetables and rice noodles. It was slightly salty to taste, which overshadowed the intricacy of the ingredients. To drink, we had the Tulsi Elixir (31.5AED ) – a mix of Tulsi (an Indian herb, which is known to boost immune function), rose, cardamom, basil seeds, lime, and honey. Despite the complexity of the individual ingredients, the drink was simple and refreshing. Lastly, we couldn’t resist a guilt-free dessert, so we went for the flourless chocolate slice (40AED), which is also gluten-free. We loved how it was served with some delicious coconut cream to complement the elements of dark chocolate. Divine.

Overall, we’d recommend Sesame for a healthy weekend family meal, or for a productive day working in a sunlit spot with good food. The vibes here are phenomenally positive. Give it a try, and you’ll feel them too.

Insider Tip: Sesame’s best dishes are marked with “SS,” meaning Sesame Special – we recommend you go for these when ordering. Also, their cashew-milk is made in-house – we’ve heard that it is definitely worth a try, though we didn’t have room for another drink!


Review and photography by Saman Nargund exclusively for The Huntr




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