Six Senses Spa Dubai: A peaceful and elegant sanctuary in Business Bay

The UAE has no shortage of luxurious spas, and yet the Six Senses Spa Dubai struck a unique chord with The Huntr. Find out why we rate this peaceful and elegant Business Bay sanctuary, now…

Tucked away within The Renaissance Downtown hotel you will find the iconic hotel group – the Six Senses’ – only Dubai-based spa: the Six Senses Spa Dubai. Located on level 5 of the modern 5-star hotel, this chic Burj Khalifa Area gem features six unique treatment suites. Each suite is dedicated to a specific sense – touch, taste, sight, smell, sound and ‘beyond’ for the ‘sixth sense’. When guests make a spa treatment booking, they automatically receive a 30-minute sensory experience based on the suite of their choice (this can also be extended for an extra 30 minutes for an additional charge).

One foot inside this Six Senses Spa and the interiors and ambience instantly shroud you in a cosy feeling of calm – think soothing beige, sand and wooden colour accents, sumptuous curtains and fabrics, dimmed, relaxing lights, flickering candles, potted greenery and floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer the only reminder of the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The spa menu offers a variety of holistic therapies, activities and decadent and unique experiences such as hammam, sauna and even a floatation pod. There is also a luxurious nail bar and a yoga platform, as well as guided meditation on offer.

Within the ‘Touch’ suite, there is a live moss wall, which helps improve the air quality and also helps add moisture back into the AC. This is where you will also find the futuristic-looking floatation pod. Filled with warm water and Epsom salts, there’s a light inside that changes colour gradually and it offered one of the most interesting and relaxing experiences we have ever encountered: complete weightlessness. The pod is thought to help balance calcium levels, improve sleep, balance hormones, normalise blood pressure and many other benefits.

In the ‘Sound’ suite, luxurious leather recliners invite you to kick back and listen to some soothing wellness sounds, which you can also feel through the chair, thanks to the healing vibroacoustic technology. Almost every room has its own bar filled with various pots of natural gems like oats, lavender, salts, oils – all arranged for guests to create their own bespoke (and completely natural) exfoliator. The yoga and meditation area in the ‘Beyond’ suite is really special and features an arched ceiling complete with soothing and pretty starry lights. In the ‘Sight’ suite, the sauna has peaceful video footage of a perfectly blue sky beaming on the ceiling and the ‘Taste’ suite is where the hammam magic happens…

The Huntr booked in for The Hammam Journey (90 minutes), which begins at the alchemy bar where you are invited to sample a medley of tastes and ingredients and select your favourites to create a completely bespoke experience. The hammam room is modern and chic. At the centre there’s a heated marble bed and the experience includes a refreshing body cleanse, hair & scalp cleansing, olive soap, hammam steam, kese scrub, foaming soap, and concludes with a full body mask or back massage. We left floating on air and feeling clean as a whistle.

We also tried the Royal Damascus Rose Wrap (60 minutes), which is an anti-ageing ritual using a royal jelly and honey peel with ground apricot stones for exfoliation. This is followed by a Damascan rose petals body wrap, pink clay from the mountains of Syria to remove impurities, and a scalp or foot massage. The relaxing and hydrating body treatment ends with an application of Dr. Burgener Active Anti-Aging Concentrate.

All and all the Six Senses Spa Dubai offers a perfect balance of minimal, chic interiors and unique treatments – all combining to provide a completely unique Dubai spa experience. Don’t miss it: Add it to your hitlist here.


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