Tania’s Teahouse Dubai: Pretty, pink and definitely worth a visit

Almost as soon as Tania’s Teahouse Dubai opened its doors in April 2018 it garnered some serious Instagram traction. Why? Because it is literally everything the ‘gram loves: Millennial pink, copper wire chairs, punny and motivational quotes, scattered green plants, a stunning spiral staircase, and a #ihavethisthingwithfloors-worthy floor – and that’s without mentioning the picture-perfect food (more on that later).

Located close by to some of The Huntr’s favourite cafes including The Raw Place, Depresso, 21 Grams and Brew, the competition in this neighbourhood is fierce but something tells us Tania’s Teahouse will be okay – after all, there are so many speciality coffee shops in the city, it’s about time we had a spot dedicated to tea. Right?

Food-wise, The Huntr sampled the Mermaid Toast (35AED) from Tania’s all-day breakfast menu. It’s a magical slice of toast with rainbow-coloured swirls of cream cheese, drizzled with honey. The sweetness of the honey and saltiness of the cream cheese is a mouthwatering combination. It’s topped with blueberries and strawberries and highly recommended. We also ordered the Let’s Taco’ Bout It (55AED) from the super bowl section of the menu. This is a flavourful salad crammed full of tortilla pieces, ground beef, taco veggies, shredded cheese and spicy salsa and sour cream. Divine. We also recently revisited Tania’s Tea House to try its full breakfast offering (see the updated images in the gallery above). We sampled the Paleo Guac Toast (55AED), which is comprised of creamy guacamole on top of sweet potato ‘toast’, and hard boiled eggs with a sweet chilli sauce. The Smoothie Bowl Surprise (45AED) was another delicious and wholesome option and features almond milk blended with pureed banana and fruits and topped with cacao nibs, coconuts and seeds. Last, but by no means least, we also had to order the Flippin’ Amazing Flapjacks (45AED) – pancakes with a fancy twist and available in oreo or red velvet flavours, we went with the latter and never looked back. Yum.

Drinks-wise the speciality here is obviously tea – and the option is vast. Naturally, we had to order Tania’s Special Tea (25AED), which is basically cosiness in a cup. Cinnamon, honeybush, apple and maple are the key ingredients in this house favourite. We also sampled the Market Medley (22AED), which is an iced drink infused with the typical farmer’s market finds like cucumber, tomato, apple, orange, rosehip and hibiscus. It’s refreshing and healthy. Naturally, as coffee-lovers, we also couldn’t resist sampling the Spanish Latte (25AED), especially after discovering that local gem Gold Box Roastery is in charge of the bean here.

There’s also a cute little shop selling all manner of things from mugs and tote bags to t-shirts emblazoned with ‘Habib-Tea’. The team are welcoming, informative and accommodating and this is the perfect spot to visit for breakfast, lunch or just sit in a corner with a book and a cup of tea. What could be better? We’ll be back…



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