The Art of Optics Dubai: A one-of-a-kind eyewear store based in Box Park

Here at The Huntr, we are always on the lookout for unique, homegrown concepts. Enter The Art of Optics Dubai – a new eyewear store intent on redefining the idea of one-of-a-kind fashion. Join us as we take a closer look…

With replicable, fast fashion at an all time high, there’s nothing unique about showing up to an occasion to find that at least one other guest is wearing the same or similar item of clothing from a high street brand. Not to mention the negative impact fast fashion is having on the planet. In contrast to this, The Art of Optics specialises in sourcing unique eye frames from all over the world, ones that you wouldn’t normally happen upon in your regular eyewear store. However, there is one catch – they only sell one pair of each frame.

The idea for the concept stemmed from a father and son’s personal passion for sourcing unique frames and curating individual collections in a market where eyewear was not being explored or experimented. The founders, Ahmad Aqil Albanna and Salman Ahmad Albanna, travel all over the world, scouring eyewear conventions looking for the perfect frames to bring home.

The duo hope to be able to showcase local and international craftsmanship through the collections on offer. The store itself is decked out in the brand’s signature blue, yellow, and peach– a guaranteed hit for art lovers and those with a keen eye for colour and design. From the quirky frame doorknobs, to the branded Insta-worthy mirror, the concept toes the line between store and art gallery.

So, the next time you’re on the search for a pair of glasses that’s like no other, stop by The Art of Optics. Pick up a frame and make it your own. And when someone asks you “Where can I get them?”— you can let them know, “Sorry, they only sell one pair…”

Insider tips: The Art of Optics store is open Sunday-Saturday from 10am to 10pm. Make sure to keep an eye on the ever-growing, unique collection of eyewear on the official Instagram page. All that shopping work up an appetite? Discover the best Al Safa foodie gems here.

Reporting, pictures and words by Mila Zafirovic exclusively for The Huntr


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