The Blue Door Dubai: Cosy little cafe with a beautiful florist and homely vibes

Flowers, coffee and books. That’s the focus at The Blue Door Dubai. And what more could you need?

This Emirati-owned Ras Al Khor gem is unlike anywhere else we’ve visited lately. One step inside, past the beautiful blue doors and you instantly feel as if you’ve been transported somewhere magical.

Towards the back of the space, there’s a cute little glass house structure, which is where you will find the florist. Books line the shelves and display cabinets and there are cosy seating arrangements to suit small and large groups all dotted around a lovely big open bar for the coffees, teas, drinks and bakes and sweets.

The Blue Door is definitely the sort of place that you could spend a whole day in – whether with your laptop, Kindle or book.

The menu features a tempting array of speciality coffees (hot and cold), teas (hot and cold), soft drinks and sweets and bakes such as caramel cheesecake bites and flavoured milk cake jars.

The Huntr ordered the Flat White (22AED), which was a little too milky but was still drinkable. We noticed that lots of people were ordering the Spanish Latte (25AED) cold, so we will definitely be trying that on our next visit (keep you posted).

Either way, you can’t beat the vibes here. It’s as pretty as a picture and will have you feeling all warm and cosy.


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