The Coffee Museum Dubai: A museum and cafe dedicated to coffee in Bur Dubai

‘No coffee, no workee’ – that’s our motto. And if, like us, you think you love coffee, you should meet the owners of The Coffee Museum Dubai – they love the bean so much, they opened a museum dedicated to it. And boy are we glad they did. Situated in the heritage hub, Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai, The Coffee Museum is part cafe, part shop, and part cultural experience.

Spread over two floors, this coffee lovers paradise includes a plethora of rooms dedicated to coffee origins, international antiques, a majlis, Middle Eastern antiques, a shop, library, cafe, and special history section.

The legend of Kaldi says that it all started in the Ethiopian highlands hundreds of years ago. The tale goes that coffee was discovered when a goat ate some unknown berries from a tree and then became alert through the night. Seeing the curious reaction it had on the goat, worshippers in the local monastery decided to prepare a stew to drink using these magic berries and they too found that it helped them stay awake during the long hours of prayers.  This discovery started spreading rapidly until it reached the Arabian peninsula and the Arabs took this newly found drink – coffee – with them around the world.

Let’s all take a minute to give thanks to that goat.

Insider tip: There’s a small kid’s corner. No food is served. If you’ve built up an appetite with all of the coffee exploration, pass by the nearby Arabian Tea House for an authentic Emirati experience – discover The Huntr’s full review and feature here


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