Friday Must-Visit: The Il Brunch Italian at Armani/Deli

The Huntr recently tried a classy Friday brunch inside the world’s tallest skyscraper – The Il Brunch Italian at Armani/Deli. Read on to see all of the pictures and discover our full review…

As one might expect from a global luxury fashion house like Armani, the Armani/Deli is sleek in design and boasts that Italian chicness, which is hard to come by. The moment you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by a feast fit for royalty. Think stations laid out with salads, cold cuts, a seafood bar, and more.

There’s a pork room for those that eat it that features a curated selection of the best pork straight from Italy (don’t miss the roasted pork belly – mouthwatering), an oyster bar featuring luxury oysters from France and Ireland, and then there’s a main table/station featuring Italian classics like salt-baked salmon, lamb chops, lamb tenderloin, beef tenderloin, and roasted chicken, with a selection of roasted vegetables and sauces to complement your meat of choice. There is also a decadent pasta station, we sampled the black risotto and seafood pasta, and every dish is made live with fresh ingredients. The cheese room was another favourite of ours and showcases 43 different kinds of cheese, from farm cheese to yummy brie, a cheese with truffle, and of course pecorino, cheddar and a selection of honey, nuts and fruits to add some zest to your cheese plate. Total heaven. There’s also a wine pairing for each cheese. The dessert bar is every sweet tooth’s dream and offers a selection of cakes, sorbets, pastries, chocolates and fruits.

What we love about Italian food is what we loved about the Il Brunch Italian at Armani/Deli – the dishes are simple and straightforward, delicious and handmade using the very best, natural and fresh ingredients.

Drinks-wise, we started our brunch with prosecco before sampling Negroni and Aperol spritz cocktails.

The service here is fine dining standard. Napkins are changed fast and discreetly, the chefs are present to serve the guests and talk about the cuisine, and one of the big bonuses of this brunch is the view – thanks to the gorgeous terrace that faces the Dubai Mall Fountains. There is also a talented singer who performs live classics.

Insider tip: The Il Brunch Italian at Armani/Deli runs every Friday from 12.30-9pm. It’s priced at 450AED for the alcoholic package and 310AED for the non-alcoholic package. You can book for any 3-hour period within the brunch opening time. Advanced reservations recommended. If the weather permits, request a terrace table and enjoy the spectacular water and music show from the Dubai Mall Fountains.


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