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The Organic Farm Resort: A private Emirati-owned farm in Abu Dhabi

This Emirati-owned organic farm has been in its family for generations. Previously used to grow the traditional date palms, rear goats, and the like, The Organic Farm Resort is now home to dozens of animal and plant species…

The owners are also behind the Alif Cafe by Farm2Table, an Expo 2020 born concept, which has plans outside of the world-famous exhibition for later this year (more on that below). 

After making the hour-long journey from Dubai, we were welcomed into the private quarters to refreshen up, enjoy a light farm-grown breakfast, a quick hit of espresso, before heading out on a lovely long farm walk and tour.

The farm features a prototype garden, where the gardeners test out the viability of plants before rolling them out into the main areas. We loved spotting olives growing on a tree, all of the different herbs, and the baths filled with an algae-like substance, which is used to feed the animals.

We then toured the expansive chicken fields, which feature free-range, happy chickens, feasting on natural, organic antibiotics – a.k.a. ginger, garlic, and onions. There are also beautiful Jersey cows and calves, goats, turkeys, geese, chicks, rare pigeons, camels, and even an ostrich.

The farm isn’t open to the public to visit (yet), but you can order its organic, reasonably-priced, local-grown produce via WhatsApp here. The HUNTR tried many of the farm’s vegetables, yogurt, milk, labneh, eggs, and more, and everything was as delicious as you might expect.

The folks at The Organic Farm Resort are working on opening their beautiful oasis to visitors from winter 2022, The HUNTR will be the first to let you know – and hopefully, even personally invite you over… Stay tuned.

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