The Raw Place Abu Dhabi: A cold-pressed juicery gem in the UAE capital

Cold pressed juice is the sassy queen of all juices, she looks at your shop-bought OJ and she judges you. Why? Cold pressed juices are far superior to standard juices because they do not allow microbes and oxygen to spoil them, or steal their nutrients, thanks to a cool pressure chamber that is equal to 5 times the pressure found at the deepest part of the ocean (see, we told you she’s fancy pants.)

One of the first, and best cold pressed juice joints in the UAE can be found in the capital and it goes by the name of The Raw Place Abu Dhabi. Here you can find detox packages, nutrient shots, salads, acai bowls, yummy vegan truffles and chia puddings. All things lovely and healthy. There are two locations in Abu Dhabi, and The Raw Place can also be found in Dubai’s Jumeirah 1 (more on that here).

Insider tip: The Raw Place Abu Dhabi also offer event catering. Book them for your next party or gathering. Keep an eye out for The Raw Place at the Ripe Market.



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