The Silly Goose Cookies: A strong contender for the UAE’s best cookies

When The Huntr first heard about The Silly Goose Cookies we had to give them a try and they didn’t disappoint…

Created by an architect called Sid, The Silly Goose Cookies came around by accident. Sid’s passion for cooking and feeding people grew during the Covid-19 lockdown and let him to start his Instagram page @thesillygoose.421. He started posting his creations and the recipes and quickly grew a devoted following. His wife’s love of cookies led him to create the cookies that are now available to order via Instagram DM. One evening during the lockdown she told her husband that she missed Home Bakery‘s iconic cookies and this led Sid to try to create the perfect cookie. He watched over 20 videos online and studied the various cookie making practices and then set about making his first (ever) batch of cookies. He quickly got rather good at making cookies and his wife said they were even better than her old favourites. Slowly but surely the word spread thanks to Sid’s family and friends and their family and friends and before he knew it, he had created a sought-after product.

Sid told The Huntr: “I see a lot of places referring to the ‘New York-style cookie’ or ‘Levain bakery-style cookies’, ‘fat cookies’, ‘thin cookies’ – and it was really important to me to make my cookies as local and authentic as possible (especially once I started selling them). So I took feedback from customers and asked them what they enjoyed in the cookies, and played with the taste and texture accordingly. So as cheesy as it sounds – I would like to believe that The Silly Goose Cookies are a Dubai-style cookie, because they were certainly sourced by a crowd of Dubai’s residents’ feedback!”

Five weeks into the official launch of The Silly Goose Cookies Sid got a call from Qahwaty and he is now stocking them at the speciality coffee‘s new Huna by The Pond branch in Al Barsha.

So why the name Silly Goose? “Initially it seemed silly of me to sell cookies without any baking or culinary background. Something I whipped up for my wife’s cookie craving one evening after watching tons of YouTube videos! Hence the name Silly Goose.”

When The Huntr sampled The Silly Goose Cookies the flavours were Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk and Brown Butter Toffee and Chocolate. Sid debuts new flavours and has created limited-edition flavours including most recently a 22k gold mega cookie for Eid.

Insider tips: At present The Silly Goose only takes orders via Instagram DM. Sid bakes the cookies at 4 am on Saturdays and delivers them the same day. Warm the cookies in the microwave for 15 seconds to get a gooey cookie (if that’s your bag) and they go really well with a glass of full-fat ice-cold milk. A box of 4 cookies is priced at 50AED. Delivery is 15AED or free for orders above 100AED.


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