UAE Flower Farm: Blooming beautiful

We know what you’re thinking… “That can’t be the UAE?!” Oh but dear reader, it is. And it’s magical. Join your friends at The HUNTR as we present the UAE Flower Farm…

Hidden within Wadi Asimah in Ras Al Khaimah you will find one of the region’s best-kept secrets – a sprawling flower farm filled with over 30,0000 of nature’s prettiest, most colourful flowers.

Emirati-owned, the UAE Flower Farm is a very special place, created for folks to buy flowers at reasonable prices (either created for you or pick your own). Everything is grown from seeds and lovingly tended to in the spacious outdoor farm, which is framed by spectacular views of Fujairah’s rolling Hajar Mountains.

A bit of a trek from Dubai but so, so worth it – a visit here will be especially rewarding if you honour mother nature and this unique small homegrown business by enjoying the open air and being fully present, purchasing something to take home to support the farmers, and not lingering too long. Whilst we are keen to share this incredible place with you, we are mindful that its charm could easily be spoiled if we do not respect it.

Insider tips: The UAE Flower Farm is open daily from 7am until 11am and then 2pm until 6.30pm. Weekdays are quieter and golden hour is especially beautiful. Take cash – spend it and support these guys. For the exact GoogleMaps location, click the address below.


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