Unicorn Vibes Sweets Dubai: It’s cute, it’s glittery and it has some fantastic ice-cream concoctions

What exactly are unicorn vibes? Well, we aren’t 100% sure – but whatever they are, Unicorn Vibes Sweets Dubai has them. By the bucketload. The door reads “tired of being human? Step in to be a unicorn”. The walls are covered with pink glitter and various (super adorable) unicorns. There are even swings by the counter and one wall has a beautiful hand-painted wing mural to take the ultimate selfie with. It’s cute, it’s kitsch, kid-friendly, and a unicorn lovers dream.

So what can you get at Unicorn Vibes Sweets Dubai aside from Unicorn vibes? Well, just about the cutest ice-cream we’ve ever seen… The Huntr sampled one scoop of rainbow ice-cream, which comes in a cone and – of course – a mini Unicorn horn. It’s bubblegum flavour heaven. We also tried the ‘Cookie Monster’ with cheerios and pretzel – the sweet and salty mixture is a great combination. Another favourite was the peanut butter & jelly ice-cream, which came topped with tiny cookies and marshmallows. Yum.

Drinks-wise, Unicorn Vibes Sweets also offers a variety of milkshakes – we opted for the Nutella chocolate flavour and it was divine. Another fun beverage we sampled is called ‘Unicorn Water’.

All and all this is a must-visit place for ice-cream lovers, milkshake maniacs and of course: Anyone with a penchant for Unicorns and pretty, sparkly things. Two big thumbs up!


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