Urth by Nabz&G Dubai: Community vibes and really good plant-based grub

Last weekend, The Huntr headed over to JLT’s Cluster J to check out Urth by Nabz&G Dubai, a relatively new spot garnering praise for its innovative plant-based dishes. When we were arrived, we were greeted by the namesake founders – Ghalia Alul (G) and Nabih Al-Momaiz (Nabz) – who spend most days at the restaurant, meeting with patrons and brainstorming new concepts, while supervising the kitchen. They explained to us the manifesto behind their concept: That meals should compliment the environment, so that humans are one with their surroundings. The afternoon was breezy yet well-lit, and the atmosphere seemed to compliment the manifesto of the restaurant perfectly. Read on to learn more…

Urth by Nabz&G is focused on building a community. That’s why the décor – with an abundance of bookshelves, plants, and comfortable couches – is perfect for typing away on your laptop and responding to emails or catching up with friends. You can do this while sipping on the Urthify (a turmeric, ginger and fresh rosemary drink, pictured above), served in a mason jar. Alternatively, you could grab a book from a thoughtfully placed book-exchange outside. Signs such as ‘Be Awesome Today’ and ‘Welcome to the Family’ pepper the walls, there’s an (organic) spice rack, mismatched chairs and lots of trinkets – bringing an electric, warm feel to the place. There is also a comfortable amount of seating outside, which serves for a peaceful setting to enjoy your food when the weather allows.

At 3pm, we were looking for a late lunch that wouldn’t ruin our appetite for dinner – and that’s exactly what Nabz and G recommended. First, we started with the Spring Wraps (30 AED). G explained to us how the exterior of the wraps are crafted from papaya that has been dehydrated for 10 full hours. These wraps were a pleasant surprise to The Huntr’s tastebuds, as there was a lovely tinge of crispy sour flavour, which blended very well with the creamy texture of the cashew-basil infused vegan cream that topped the dish. Next, we went with the Buddha Burger (AED 48), which consists of a wholewheat bun and a delicious quinoa patty, served with a fresh mango-infused side salad. There was some guacamole between the bun and the patty that made the burger super satisfactory to take big, wholesome bites of. Lastly, we ordered the plant-based Spaghetti and Meatballs (AED 51). The meatballs are made of out of potato and buckwheat, and the “cheese” sprinkled on top is created using cashew milk and nutritional yeast. This dish proved to be more comforting than the average bowl of spaghetti, since it didn’t make us feel uncomfortably full and instead, left us full of energy. For drinks, we had the Urthify (AED 22), and Grapefruit Blossom (consisting of grapefruit, basil, and orange blossom for AED 23). The drinks were served in large portions that left us hydrated and refreshed.

The Huntr has explored a fair share of healthy restaurants, however, Nabz and G are particularly innovative with their menu, using ingredients such as dehydrated papaya and nutritional yeast to create the perfect blend of flavours. The food felt nutritious but it also left us perfectly satisfied, with no cravings for more food. Almost all preferences are catered to at Urth by Nabz & G – and for those who insist on some meat, there are indeed some delicious fish options on the menu. Plus, the prices are really reasonable – which seems to be a rarity with Dubai’s vegan eateries. Two big thumbs up from us – be sure to add it to your hitlist.

Insider tip: Nabs & G offer monthly meal plans with both vegan and non-vegan options. They’re super flexible, so feel free to call them and have a chat about how to move forward with one.


– Review and photography by Saman Nargund exclusively for The Huntr


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