Viking Bageri Dubai: One man’s mission to bake the best baguette in Dubai

Good things come out of bad things. There’s always a silver lining somewhere. In this case it’s more of a flour lining and it’s called Viking Bageri Dubai. Join your friends at The Huntr as we present the 411…

During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 a man who goes by pseudonym ‘The Viking’ (a nod to his Swedish blood) set out on a mission to bake the best baguette in Dubai – “Growing up, my dad baked bread almost every weekend, so I woke up to the smell of freshly baked bread. However – the one thing he never baked – and I subsequently always longed for was French baguettes,” he told The Huntr. “So during the lockdown (with more time on my hands than ever before) I started experimenting with finding the best baguette recipe, and being an engineer by trade, I added a scientific method to it all. I tried different kinds of flour, different kinds of yeast, different water temperatures, different room temperatures, I measured all the ingredients to 1/10th of a gram – and so on and so on. In the end, I’m probably on my 50th or 60th version of my recipe now, and I’m still not sure I’ve hit the jackpot.”

So how did ‘The Viking’ go from home-baking baguettes to having them appear on The Huntr? “When I was trying out the different recipes, I baked a lot of bread… so much that me and my family couldn’t eat it all, so we started giving away to neighbours. After a while the word spread to their friends, and our friends and all of a sudden the word was out.”

And thank goodness, because this is a really fantastic baguette. Preservative-free and crafted with just 5 ingredients, it’s the perfect accompaniment to breakfast, lunch and dinner (not to mention, pretty great on it’s own with just salted butter).

Beautifully presented, the handmade ‘French stick’ comes wrapped in crisp brown paper with a cotton tie emblazoned with the Viking Bageri branding (by friend @jennifer_bereza).

Rather wonderfully, ‘The Viking’ is now in the final stages of scaling up his accidental operation. He’s hiring a baker, securing a kitchen space and in a couple of weeks they plan to go city-wide with this doughy secret…

Orders are available online via an enquiry page here and it’s best to request an order as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

Insider tips: To keep your baguette fresh, The Viking advises you “wrap it in foil and store it at room temperature and then when you want to eat it again, spray it with a little water and place inside a pre-heated 200-degree oven for a few minutes.” Minimum order is 2 baguettes. Keep track of The Viking and his baguettes on Instagram here.


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