Wa! Soy Dubai: A secret Asian soy dessert gem in International City

Fans of Asian soy desserts will be excited to discover Wa! Soy Dubai – a secret gem hidden away inside International City. Join The Huntr as we present a closer look…

In Northeast East, soy is regarded as a health food and soya milk desserts are hugely popular in the likes of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. Here in Dubai you can find one of the best places to experience these delicacies at Wa! Soy Dubai. Owned by a family that has many years of experience in making soya milk and soya pudding, the owners are proud to offer a variety of delicious desserts made out of natural ingredients and soybean in Dubai – which everyone from vegans to lactose-intolerant folks can enjoy. The soybeans used at Wa! Soy Dubai are from organic and non-GMO farms and the soya milk, softie and puddings are made fresh every single morning.

The Huntr sampled the Soya Milk Softi (12AED), Soya Pudding with Soya Milk (20AED) and Shaved Ice (20AED), all washed down with Brown Sugar Bubble Tea with Soya Milk (15AED). Our editor thinks that Wa! Soy is the most authentic Taiwanese bubble tea in the UAE.

Insider tips: Open daily from 12noon until midnight. Free wifi, plugs and bathrooms available – making this a great spot to study or get work done.

Photography and reporting by Bei-Bei Yang exclusively for The Huntr


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