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Welcome to The HUNTR 2.0: A letter from our founder

Back in 2015, with the help of a couple of very talented people, I started The HUNTR. It began life as a passion project and has organically grown over the years, much to my joy because it’s an honour to serve this curious and kind community.

I am so excited about this next chapter for The HUNTR. I hope that you will love your time with us and that we help make each day a little bit easier, tastier, and more inspired.

What has led to this new era for The HUNTR can be perfectly surmised in the quote: “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.” It has reached the stage that in order to sustain this platform we need to start generating revenue. We’re not going to do that by making you the product (and selling your attention to third parties) and instead, we are inviting you to invest a small amount of your hard-earned money to join us as a HUNTR member…


For those of you that decide to join us, I can tell you that we don’t take this honour lightly. We’ve spent many months creating the very best website that we could for you. I hope that you are going to love the new features that we have created for you… 

The Findr gives you the opportunity to match your needs to your perfect spot, over and over again. Think of it as your trusted concierge. The Map offers a pretty cool way to find places nearby and we are super excited to be launching with no less than 50+ amazing HUNTR Member perks. These perks are all going to give you your membership fee back and more, and make exploring this amazing country and its incredible places a little more exciting and easy. There’s also the Hitlist function, which enables you to save anything on the website to a private and uniquely-yours list. Plus we are working on a bounty of other exciting new things because our mission is to make you happy, keep you as a member and help you live your very best life. 

…Let’s do this.

Peace & love,

Holly and The HUNTR Team



Membership includes: