Wip Dubai: An Emirati-owned dessert delivery gem

There’s a new sweet treat in town and you’re going to want this on your table next time you have something to celebrate…

Created by local Emirati women, Wip (which stands for ‘whip in progress’) Dubai’s debut product is its Signature Tropical Fruit Tart, which is crafted with fresh coconut cream, artistic mango puree dots, and lined with a wall of perfectly plump raspberries. Almost too beautiful to eat, each handmade tart takes 4 hours and 25 minutes to create from scratch and is good for 6-8 people.

The Huntr loved the striking and unusual design. Each bite tastes of summer and nostalgia. It’s the perfect dessert for any table and would also make a fantastic gift for someone special.

Priced at 250AED the tart is available for delivery throughout the UAE and orders must be made 24 hours in advance via Whatsapp.

Stay tuned for more Wip Dubai goodies coming soon!

Insider tip: Follow the Wip Dubai journey on Instagram here


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