Wokyo Dubai: Serving really tasty things made in a wok – yo!

We’ve discovered yet another JLT foodie gem. Say hello to Wokyo Dubai – a cute little, homegrown noodle house serving really tasty things, made in a wok – yo! Read on for The Huntr’s full review…

A stone’s throw from the JLT metro station, Wokyo Dubai features a very fun mix of Asian interior decorations, a cosy outdoor seating area complete with Japanese lanterns, a live kitchen and even a kid’s corner.

The Huntr visited for a weekend lunch. We were immediately excited when we saw the energetic team busily working in the open kitchen – the delicious smells of Wokyo’s dishes wafting up our nose. We were hungry and it seemed: In the right place.

This is really good food. And the good news is – unlike many Asian restaurants, Wokyo do not add MSG to their dishes*. The menu is centered around wok noodle dishes that are crafted bespoke using three easy steps. First you select your sauce (there are 8 to choose from, including gluten-free and vegan options), next you select your base (there are 9 options including gluten-free) and last of all, you select your protein (chicken (39AED), beef (42AED), prawn (45AED), salmon (49AED), tofu (39AED) or veggies (40AED). You can also opt to add additional items such as Nitamago Egg, Japanese Pickle, Peanuts etc – all for 4AED each, an additional protein is charged at 8AED. The total price for the wok bowl is based on the protein you choose and any additional toppings are then added.

Our creation featured Tokyo oyster sauce, egg noodles and prawn (45AED). The prawns were tender and huge, the egg noodles were perfect – tasty, sweet and cooked just right.

There are also two udon soup options on the menu. We sampled the Shoyu Udon Soup (45AED). It’s comprised of a light soy-based broth with wok-tossed veggies, shiitake mushrooms, Nitamago egg and thick udon noodles. It was delightful, there were so many textures, tastes and elements to explore.

From the sides menu, we went with the Ebimayo (22AED) – deep-fried prawns with spicy mayo, and the Chicken Panko (22AED), – Japanese-style breaded chicken strips with sweet chili sauce. Both were crunchy and tasty, and we also recommended dipping them in Sriracha sauce.

Drinks-wise, we were really blown away by the Thai Iced Tea Latte (16AED) and the Matcha Iced Soy Latte (16AED). They were divine, and instantly transported us to the backstreets of Bangkok or Tokyo.

The customer service at Wokyo is almost as good as the food – if not better. In fact the experience of being here is really what sets it apart. All of the staff are happy, energetic and helpful. We absolutely loved our time at Wokyo – and so did our bellies: We’ll be back…

Insider tip: Wokyo also do home delivery. You can order a lunch or a dinner using the restaurant’s website here


*Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that MSG might be lurking somewhere. Best to ask for MSG-free options.


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