Yamanote at Medaf Studio: Japanese treats inside this kid’s creative hub

The Huntr’s favourite Japanese bakery Yamanote Atelier has opened a fourth location in Uptown Mirdif. Join us as we present a look around Yamanote at Medaf Studio

Creative hub – Medaf Studio – is named after the Arabic word for “the rower of the boat”, it’s a unique platform for children to explore their creativity through various activities. As part of this homegrown concept, you will find a little corner dedicated to Yamanote Atelier – the adorable Japanese bakery…

Yamanote Atelier at Medaf Studio doesn’t have as wide a selection of food and beverages as its other locations in The Dubai Mall and Al Wasl Square, but there is enough to choose from, and kids have been thoughtfully considered. There’s also a cracking cup of speciality coffee to be had here, thanks to regional roasters Seven Fortunes.

Design-wise, Yamanote at Medaf Studio was a collaboration with Georgina Trigg of Georges of Dubai. The aim was to make the Medaf pop-up ‘casual’, with echoes of a Tokyo corner store bakery. “Fun, a bit quirky, but (in true Japanese style) well considered and curated…”

It’s a success. This might just be the cutest cafe in the heart of Mirdif, don’t miss it…

Insider tip: Find out more about Medaf Studio and take a look around with The Huntr’s special feature, here.


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